Haplotyping with computation of conditional probabilities

Version: 1.00

Last Update: 5 Feb 1996

Authors: Daniel E. Weeks and Kenneth Lange

Copyright: (c) 1996 Daniel E. Weeks

Collaborators: Jeffrey R O'Connell and Eric Sobel

Language: Fortran 77 (ANSI standard)

Distribution: As part of the Programs for Pedigree Analysis

Documentation: In the Programs for Pedigree Analysis documentation

Files: The source files are only available as part of the Programs for Pedigree Analysis distributed by Kenneth Lange (klange@umich.edu).

Running: The locus and pedigree files must be in MENDEL-format. If your data are in LINKAGE-format, run LinkMend to convert them to MENDEL-format. The default names for the locus and pedigree files are 'locus.dat' and 'pedm.dat'.

Frequently Modified Options:

You generally have to modify the following options:


Input files:

The batch file must contain at least the marke rnames (menu option #9), the intermarker recombination fractions (menu option #8), and the number of recombination fractions (menu option#17). The intermarker recombination fractions should be given in order as entries in the EXTRA array (menu option #8).

Output files:



Additional program:


HAPSORT takes the haplo.ped output file and sorts the haplotypes by probability, placing the sorted output in haplo.sort, and a listing of the most probable haplotype for each individual in haplo.best.


Input files:


Output files:


Source Files:


NOTE: We do not distribute indexx.f.


f77 -o hapsort hapsort.f indexx.f

If you have any questions or comments contact dweeks@pitt.edu