The Affected Pedigree Member method of linkage analysis

Author: Daniel E. Weeks

Last updated- July 30, 1993


This software is made freely available to all researchers in the academic (non-profit) community. Commercial users should contact the author regarding licensing.   You cannot redistribute this software, modified or otherwise, to other research groups without my prior approval. It is best if other researchers obtain the programs directly from this site, as we will always have the most recent code. If you encounter a bug, please let the author know. We will try to fix the bug as soon as possible. Thank you for your help in improving these programs.  


newapm.tar.Z contains the new version of programs for the Affected Pedigree Member Method of Linkage Analysis.

newdosapm.zip contains the dos versions of the source and executables. Read the newdosapm.readme file for more details on the dos distribution.  


C, Pascal and FORTRAN

Anonymous FTP Instructions:

Use anonymous ftp in binary mode to transfer the newapm.tar.Z file to your Unix machine. (See example installation session below). Then move to the appropriate directory and issue two commands like this:

>> uncompress newapm.tar.Z

>> tar xvf newapm.tar

to extract the files. NOTE: This will create a subdirectory named 'src' that contains the new version of the APM programs.

NOTE: To run the LINKAGE-to-APM conversion program 'chapm' under Solaris 2.x, you need to add /usr/ucblib to your library path. This can be done by modifying the environmental variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH using the 'setenv' command.

Sample installation session:


(2) Unix $ ftp watson.hgen.pitt.edu

Connected to watson.hgen.pitt.edu.
220 watson.hgen.pitt.edu FTP server (UNIX(r)System V Release 4.0) ready.

Name (watson.hgen:weeks): anonymous

331 Guest login ok, send ident as password.


230 Guest login ok, access restrictions apply.

ftp> cd pub

250 CWD command successful.

ftp> binary

200 Type set to I.

ftp> get newapm.tar.Z

200 PORT command successful.
150 Binary data connection for newapm.tar.Z (,3314)(190895 bytes).
226 Binary Transfer complete.
local: newapm.tar.Z remote: newapm.tar.Z
190895 bytes received in 2.6 seconds (71 Kbytes/s)

ftp> quit

221 Goodbye.

(3) unix $ uncompress newapm.tar.Z

(4) unix $ tar xvf newapm.tar

(6) unix $ cd src

(7) unix $ ls

FILES  Makedefs.generic  REFERENCES  include
HOW_TO Makedefs.hp WHAT_AM_I lib
INTRO Makefile doc sendmail
Makedefs READ_ME_FIRST examples src


Now you should read the information files. To install the package, type 'make'. You'll need a C compiler, a Pascal compiler, and a FORTRAN compiler.


For further questions or comments contact dweeks@pitt.edu.