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   MEGA2 Manipulation Environment for Genetic Analyses
   dbVOR The dbVOR phenotype and genotype database system
   GMI Genetic Map Interpolator
   QTL-ALL QTL Analysis and Linkage Library
   SNPCaller Smarter Clustering Methods for SNP Genotype Calling
   RULS Relationship Uncertainty Linkage Statistics
   Pedcheck Detecting marker typing incompatibilities in pedigree data
   SimIBD Performing nonparametric linkage analysis
   SimWalk2 Multipoint analyses using Markov chain Monte Carlo and simulated annealing
   Vitesse Likelihood Calculation on Pedigrees
   Haplo Haplotyping with computation of conditional probabilities
   Linkmend Convert Linkage files to Mendel files - Use MEGA2 instead
   SLINK Conditional simulation on pedigrees - use FastSLINK instead
   ZAPLO Estimating haplotype frequencies of SNPs assuming no recombination.
   APM The Affected Pedigree Member method of linkage analysis
   FastSLINK and SUP Conditional simulation of genetic data on pedigrees
   Recode Tool to create linkage format locus data file.

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